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Laura was recently presented with the opportunity to be featured on a Fox News National segment. She was interviewed by Kelly Wright on a segment called “Beyond the Dream” where she was featured as a successful minority businesswoman. Laura’s degree in Broadcast Design and Telecommunications prepared her for this kind of opportunity that came to fruition years after she graduated.


Watch the BEYOND THE DREAM video:

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Laura and her assistant Anna recently returned from a very successful business trip to the beautiful west coast where they were able to travel all over California. Their travels took them from San Francisco to San Diego and ultimately Los Angeles as they met with incredible women for the book project that Laura is working on.



What is Why Be Average?

Why Be Average is a consulting and coaching company founded by Laura Contreras-Rowe. This company is a concept that Laura developed to educate, motivate and challenge adults, young adults and minority children to aim high and reach their full potential. She uses her personal success to illustrate that with hope, ambition and believing in yourself, you can succeed. In today’s society, Laura believes many people have slipped into accepting a ‘good enough’ attitude when it comes to work, school and even play. In some cases this attitude has become the norm, and many think, ‘why should I bother?’ Laura refuses to settle for mediocrity; instead she looks at every day as a new beginning to reach for the top, do her best, and inspire those around her to do the same.


Why Be Average strives to build leaders and visionaries who will help strengthen families and create positive change in our local communities and cities worldwide. In strengthening our communities, we seek to build up our minority youth and young adults as we empower them with hope and inspiration to seek out excellence in their lives.
Furthermore, to inspire employees to take their jobs to a new level as they take ownership and become passionate about the roles that they play within an organization, as well as instilling hope and determination through personal, corporate, non-profit and real estate consulting.


To promote excellence, leadership, and community service by developing and implementing programs that inspire, educate, encourage, and empower extraordinary individuals to make a difference throughout their cities, communities and their countries.

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