About Why Be Average

Laura-aboutBehind Why Be Average:
Why Be Average is a concept that I developed to educate, motivate and challenge adults, young adults and minority children to aim high and reach their full potential. I use my personal success to illustrate that with hope, ambition and believing in yourself, you can succeed. In today’s society, I believe many people have slipped into accepting a ‘good enough’ attitude when it comes to work, school and even play. In some cases this attitude has become the norm, and many think, ‘why should I bother?’ I refuse to settle for mediocrity; instead I look at every day as a new beginning to reach for the top, do my best, and inspire those around me to do the same.

As a young girl growing up in Texas/on the Mexico border, I was an average kid average in school, average in my abilities, and average in attitude. Like most of the kids in my neighborhood, I struggled to identify with anyone that was successful. There was no one that I looked up to or felt that I wanted to emulate. Eventually I realized that if I wanted to get out of that small border town I had to rely on myself and my intense desire to succeed.

However, I never forgot the others that were struggling along with me. Today I want to reach young and old people with a message that will change their lives. My goal is to give hope, support, and options to young people who are standing in the crossroads of their lives. I want to encourage each and every person to know that there are no limits, and if they choose to work hard, they can be as successful as they want to be. Everyone has exceptional gifts and talents that need to be uncovered, and Why Be Average… be Extraordinary! is being launched to motivate individuals to unleash the strong spirit within and exceed beyond all expectations; at home, in school, in business, and within the family and community.