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Aim High Extraordinary Stories of Hispanic and Latina Women

Aim High Extraordinary Stories of Hispanic and Latina Women is a book that offers hope and inspiration. Laura has traveled the country in the last year meeting and interviewing inspirational and amazing Hispanic and Latina women. This book features 33 thought-provoking positive role models from all over the country and from different professional backgrounds to tell their story. This book delivers a powerful message that despite financial challenges, family obligations and horrific environment or events: a young Hispanic or Latina woman can succeed to astounding heights with courage and tenacity.
Laura’s book has received 4 major book awards.
May 2010 International Latino Book Awards
1st Place in Best Gift Book
2nd Place in Best Cover Design
Honorable Mention/3rd Place for The Mariposa Award for Best First Time Book

2010 IPPY-Independent Publishers Book Award
Gold/1st Place in Best Non-Fiction Multicultural Juvenile/Youth/Young Adult

For more information or to contact Laura email her at Aimhighbook@gmail.com.

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