Motivational Speaking

Laura Contreras-Rowe presents keynotes on a wide variety of topics for minority organizations, businesses, churches, schools, and conferences. Laura has had the opportunity to speak to a wide variety of individuals; including children, young adults, and mature audiences.  

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Minority Entrepreneurship
  • Latina Success
  • Youth Events
  • Leadership Training
  • Non-Profit Fundraisers
  • Training Workshops & Seminars


Laura inspires people with her passion and unrelenting message of hope. Her multicultural approach allows her to communicate with people well outside the boundaries of the United States; her travels taking her as far as Argentina. It is the passion with which she lives, and the hope that she brings to others that display with beautiful transparency the desire of her heart; to be a world changer.

East LA Boys and Girls Club
Garfield High Basketball Team, East LA

Motivational Speaking and Workshop Topics:

  • Taking the Road Less Traveled: Extraordinary or Average?
  • Overcoming Diversity Barriers in Life and Business
  • Entrepreneurship: Discovering your Gifts and Talents
  • Laura‚Äôs Journey to Success
  • Extraordinary Leaders Begin by Serving


Real Estate

Laura has not only had the opportunity to speak life and inspiration into fellow realtors, but has also had the opportunity to conduct numerous training seminars. Her seminars have elevated her to global status as she trains fellow realtors in improving job performance, raising personal and corporate sales, developing self-motivation, and ultimately accelerating realtors into the next level of their careers. Her consulting for real estate has taken her as far as Argentina to speak at the Remax Argentina National convention. Her presence in Argentina has opened doors for her to return to the country to do consulting work for many other types of businesses in addition to real estate.

Real Estate Topics Cover Issues Such As:

  • Mindset – What is yours? 
  • What are your skills and talents? How to use them to be successful.
  • How to diversify your business.
  • Connecting with your buyers and sellers.
  • Charting your course – Where were you this year and where to do you want to be next year?


Along with the above topics Laura shows you the road to her success on how she grew her business and sold over $130 Million since 2001 and how you can grow yours!


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